Archie Manning in an Oilers uniform is so wrong! Incidentally, #10 to his left is Oliver Luck. Both are playoff committee members and fathers of NFL QBs.

What if salary cap rules changed so that pay of players who are with their original team only count 75% against the cap? The NFL 2014 season is upon us, and so begins the annual processes of doing double takes upon seeing familiar players in different uniforms. Free agency in the NFL is like an […]

The internet is on fire with outrage over TMZ’s video of Ray Rice punching his (then) fiance’ unconscious. The reaction of the media, in particular sports reporters, is making me sick. Case in point, I give you Keith Olbermann’s self righteous tirade: We all know beating women is wrong–very wrong. But nobody can say it like Olbermann; […]

I promised to keep you informed of further developments with my neighbor and the whole dog/grass situation. This post is my attempt to make good on that promise. Be forewarned that this post is lacking in snark. If you are looking for entertainment, I’d cut your losses and stop reading now. Also, please note that […]

I lost my Twitter virginity yesterday by actually using my account. Obviously, the heyday of tweets is coming to an end. Contrarians will tell you that when a square dude like me joins in, it is a clear sign the party is almost over. Regardless, I want to comment on a couple of trending topics. […]

Below is an actual letter mailed to my next door neighbor. Images have been added; the text is verbatim.  Dear Jay, My good friends have advised me not to fight small battles with petty people. This letter will be incontrovertible proof that I rarely listen to advice from my good friends. Anyway, on to the […]

Yesterday, I posted the process for how the four team playoff selection process should work. Unfortunately, it won’t work that way, and it’s only a matter of time before the SEC gets screwed as a result. The Problem If the selection committee were picking four teams in 2013, I predict they would pick: Florida State […]

Let’s pretend that the four team playoff existed today, in the year 2013. Further, let’s pretend in this bizarre universe, that yours truly was on the selection committee. If so, my process would be transparent, and it would work like this: Step 1: Conference Champions  My initial list would consists conference champions only. In 2013, this […]


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