Below is an actual letter mailed to my next door neighbor. Images have been added; the text is verbatim.  Dear Jay, My good friends have advised me not to fight small battles with petty people. This letter will be incontrovertible proof that I rarely listen to advice from my good friends. Anyway, on to the […]

Yesterday, I posted the process for how the four team playoff selection process should work. Unfortunately, it won’t work that way, and it’s only a matter of time before the SEC gets screwed as a result. The Problem If the selection committee were picking four teams in 2013, I predict they would pick: Florida State […]

Let’s pretend that the four team playoff existed today, in the year 2013. Further, let’s pretend in this bizarre universe, that yours truly was on the selection committee. If so, my process would be transparent, and it would work like this: Step 1: Conference Champions  My initial list would consists conference champions only. In 2013, this […]

On January 6, 2014 Auburn will play Florida State in the last title game of the BCS era. Auburn will carry their conference’s flag, competing for the SEC’s 8th national title in a row. They will also carry the State of Alabama’s flag, competing for Alabama’s 5th title in a row.  What are the odds […]

This morning I impulsively fired off an email to a couple of my favorite sports writers whose opinions I respect. I thought I would repost the email here in case anyone wanted to share their thoughts. Assume an unexpected moment of sanity overtook the BCS commissioners so that they finally yield to reason and support […]

This morning I was quoted in The Dallas Morning News in a story about the Robby Rose cheating incident I’ve been covering on The Armchair Anglers Blog.   Here is a link to the Dallas Morning News story.

Imagine you take your beloved dog to the Vet for his annual checkup.  The DVM performs some tests and makes a shocking discovery.  Your dog is really a wolf! You would probably still love the animal–and might even love it more because it is so unique.  But you would definitely be surprised. That is exactly […]


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