Plus-One Playoff Format

This morning I impulsively fired off an email to a couple of my favorite sports writers whose opinions I respect. I thought I would repost the email here in case anyone wanted to share their thoughts.

Assume an unexpected moment of sanity overtook the BCS commissioners so that they finally yield to reason and support a “Plus-One” playoff format. In the new Plus-One system, would you support a rule that states only conference champions are eligible to enter the Plus-One mini-playoff tournament? (ie, each conference could only send one team to the National Championship Tournament).

Initial thoughts about such a rule:

  1. With such a rule, playoff critics could not claim that the playoff detracts from regular season games or traditional rivalries. Had such a rule existed for this season, the excitement and drama of the regular season games would have been enhanced—not harmed.
  2. With such a rule, in addition to the SEC championship, three other conference championships would still be relevant for national championship purposes. (Stanford would still be in the hunt Ivan.)
  3. With such a rule, Georgia could potentially proceed to the tournament to represent the SEC.
  4. In such an event, LSU and Alabama fans should not blame the BCS for not being fair, since the SEC had 13 games to fairly and objectively determine who it would send to the championship tournament. (They would complain of course, but they should voice their complaints to the SEC office–not the BCS.)

As a college football fan it defies all logic that the SEC had 13 games to determine which team was the best out of it’s 12 teams. Yet here we are at the end of the regular season and it can only limit the list down to 3 teams. We could potentially have LSU as the AP National Champion, Georgia as the SEC Champion, and Alabama as BCS National Champion.

It defies all logic. Another year, another BCS fail.

I will be very disappointed if we move to a “Plus-One” format and one conference can send multiple teams to the Plus One tournament. 13 games during the regular season is enough for each conference to pick one team, and one team only, to represent it.


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