Ameer Abdullah and Amari Cooper

I lost my Twitter virginity yesterday by actually using my account. Obviously, the heyday of tweets is coming to an end. Contrarians will tell you that when a square dude like me joins in, it is a clear sign the party is almost over. Regardless, I want to comment on a couple of trending topics.


By now everyone has seen the spectacular clutch run by Nebraska’s Ameer Abdullah. This was only the latest of many big plays in his career. I’ve always wondered how a kid from Homewood, Alabama ended up in Lincoln. At first, I speculated that he was undersized for the SEC. But this morning I did some digging, and my initial theory was dead wrong. According to Yahoo Sports, Abdullah chose Nebraska over six SEC schools. He said no thanks to glamourous USC as well.

Source: Yahoo Sports

Source: Yahoo Sports



The Bama Nation is doing some serious chest pounding about Amari Cooper’s stats.  There is no doubting that he is a badass receiver, but allow me to offer some perspective: Last week Nebraska throttled the very same FAU 55-7, putting up 784 yards of offense in the process.  This week, Nebraska narrowly escaped losing to second-tier FCS school McNeese State at home. When I say they narrowly escaped, I mean the game was tied with 21 seconds left on the clock.

What conclusions can be drawn from this? That FAU is very, very bad. The only team they have a chance of beating this year is Vanderbilt.

Scheduling them in the first place should be embarrassing enough. Chest pounding after the win only makes it worse. Amari will get the credit he deserves eventually; but this is not the week for it.




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