COC Healer Tweak is Huge

Game changer.

The February 2015 Clash of Clans update will soon arrive, and the least talked about tweak will have the biggest impact. Namely: “Healers no longer trigger air traps – just keep clear of Air Defense!”  [Source]

Game changer!

Game changer!

I shall now predict ramifications of this change on Clan Wars. You will scoff now, and fail to credit the foresight later, nevertheless:

  • Golem or Level 7 giants? — This debate just got more interesting.
  • More jump spells, less heal.
  • Supporting AQ with healer will become standard practice.
  • More TH10s will be three starred.
  • The spring update will nerf healers effectiveness on AQ. (Enjoy it while it last!)
  • Healers will be alternative to WBs. (Tsk, tsk if you don’t understand how or why.)
  • The days of considering two star TH9 attacks as successful are over. Think three.
  • The question will become more of, “can you destroy 100% of the base in under three minutes?” versus, “can you destroy 100% of the base?”
  • Watching war attacks will be more exciting, as more will come down to the buzzer as time expires.
  • Strong walls will be more important, as the ticking clock becomes the defender’s ally.
  • Max TH8s are currently a “no-man’s land” position, where their mirror can successfully defend against dragons, but ground attacks struggle as well. This will end. With the update, not only will Max TH8s be able to destroy their mirror, three starring low TH9s will be more common as well.
  • Healers as part of CC comp for cleanup troops now viable.
  • Archer towers will be strategically positioned to shoot the supporting healer, instead of troops on point.
  • Performance gap between farming clans and war clans will be smaller.
  • People will say HoLo has been nerfed. Not true. There will simply an alternative technique exploiting same bases.
  • Elite war clans will still be dominate. Elite pretenders and wanna-bees will be humbled.
  • Average drop for cleanup attacks will be more like 0-5 spots instead of 10.
  • Clans who proactively adjust to change will have window of dominance. Clans who are re-reactive, and reluctantly adjust (probably bitching like little school girls as they do so) will have tough transition.

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