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CFB Playoff Failing Already

If I was on the committee, I’d be worried the 2014 season is going to be as chaotic as the 2008 season. (It’s looking like it will.) I’m not sure where all their confidence comes from, because the only take-away I’ve gleaned from the mock meetings is that the process still needs work.

Championships Matter!

Thoughts on the College Football Playoff Committee and how our favorite journalists are letting us down.

Six Questions for NFL Reporters

The internet is on fire with outrage over TMZ’s video of Ray Rice punching his (then) fiance’ unconscious. The reaction of the media,¬†in particular¬†sports reporters, is making me sick. Case in point, I give you Keith Olbermann’s self righteous tirade: We all know beating women is wrong–very wrong. But nobody can say it like Olbermann; […]

Grassholes on the Other Side of the Fence

Three of us working together could not stop that one dog. It was a humbling experience. As you know, the fight ultimately ended when you choked your own dog until he blacked out. Seeing your akita in action would literally give Michael Vick an erection.