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ESPN CFB Analysts Fail Miserably

That’s what they’re asking us to do, right? They want us to believe they can look at film and read metrics the same way Miss Cleo reads tarot cards. Using mythical soothsayer powers, they can magically find the four “best teams”. Supposedly, this is a better system than picking the four teams most deserving based on actual results.

Possible seeding scenarios in the NFC

Possible seeding scenarios in the NFC Four teams going for one available bye week left.  As a Saints fan I’m not sure which NFC team I want to get the remaining spot–anyone but Minnesota or Dallas I think.  I think the Cardinals scare me the least. Posted using ShareThis

A Web Page of My Own

I read an article in the Wall Street Journal called A Web Page of One’s Own by Jason Fry. After reading the article I couldn’t help but wonder if I was missing the boat by not participating in the whole online networking thing. So here I am. I’m Linked-In, Facebooked, and ready to go. I’m […]