Thoughts on the College Football Playoff Committee and how our favorite journalists are letting us down.

Kevin knew the ghosts were still on some people’s minds, if not on their tongues. He could see the signs. Take the tunnel, for example. The dark tunnel where he and Stephen met Red Eyes was now full of lights. Kevin thought it unlikely that a person would randomly install big florescent lights in the tunnel. Somebody was motivated to install those lights. And nothing is more motivating than meeting a pair of ghostly red eyes in a pitch-black tunnel.

“Forget the loot, Billy, you need to get out of there before the smoke gets you!”

Billy looked up and noticed heavy smoke just above his head. Oh no! Quickly, he grabbed the indian’s haversack and put it on. He tried to pull the beaded necklace over the skull, but he inadvertently knocked the indian’s skull off and it rolled between Billy’s legs. He shoved the beads in the haversack and grabbed the pistol to boot, turned and ran.

“How much of The Ghosts of Ross Bridge is real?” is the most troublesome question I am asked. The problem is that folks rarely accept my answers without proof, but providing proof is a more difficult undertaking than one would think.

Duck season approaches, which is also making his new limitations hit home hard. This summer we discovered that Jake can’t be pulled back into the boat like he used to–like the way you are supposed to do with Labrador Retrievers–because it hurts his back to grab him now.

I want to start by saying something to Bill’s wife, Vickie, that I think Bill would want you to hear at this point: Do not sell his fishing equipment for what he told you he paid for it.

I shall now shame my children. I’ve quietly made some youtube videos in which I review bluetooth headsets and digital watches. Yep, I’m that big of a geek. Today I go public with my inner geekdom by sharing modifications to the venerable Casio G-Shock DW-5600E. The imperfections with that model, for me, are: The recessed […]

Could Blake be dyslexic? It would explain much. 1 in 5 people have dyslexia, yet it frequently goes undiagnosed. People assume that the person is dumb or lazy. But, as Tim Tebow, Steve Jobs, and countless others could tell you, being dyslexic is no indication of intelligence. In fact, dyslexics are frequently brilliant, and excel with out-of-the-box problem solving. In fact, Blake Sims might be so good at out-of-the-box problem solving that he’s been able to adapt and cope with dyslexia under the radar.

What if salary cap rules changed so that pay of players who are with their original team only count 75% against the cap? The NFL 2014 season is upon us, and so begins the annual processes of doing double takes upon seeing familiar players in different uniforms. Free agency in the NFL is like an […]

The internet is on fire with outrage over TMZ’s video of Ray Rice punching his (then) fiance’ unconscious. The reaction of the media, in particular sports reporters, is making me sick. Case in point, I give you Keith Olbermann’s self righteous tirade: We all know beating women is wrong–very wrong. But nobody can say it like Olbermann; […]