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Ghosts of Ross Bridge: Ch 42

Kevin knew the ghosts were still on some people’s minds, if not on their tongues. He could see the signs. Take the tunnel, for example. The dark tunnel where he and Stephen met Red Eyes was now full of lights. Kevin thought it unlikely that a person would randomly install big florescent lights in the tunnel. Somebody was motivated to install those lights. And nothing is more motivating than meeting a pair of ghostly red eyes in a pitch-black tunnel.

Are the Ghosts of Ross Bridge Real?

“How much of The Ghosts of Ross Bridge is real?” is the most troublesome question I am asked. The problem is that folks rarely accept my answers without proof, but providing proof is a more difficult undertaking than one would think.

Update: Jake and the Akitas

Duck season approaches, which is also making his new limitations hit home hard. This summer we discovered that Jake can’t be pulled back into the boat like he used to–like the way you are supposed to do with Labrador Retrievers–because it hurts his back to grab him now.

Just One More Cast

I want to start by saying something to Bill’s wife, Vickie, that I think Bill would want you to hear at this point: Do not sell his fishing equipment for what he told you he paid for it.

Ameer Abdullah and Amari Cooper

I lost my Twitter virginity yesterday by actually using my account. Obviously, the heyday of tweets is coming to an end. Contrarians will tell you that when a square dude like me joins in, it is a clear sign the party is almost over. Regardless, I want to comment on a couple of trending topics. […]

Grassholes on the Other Side of the Fence

Three of us working together could not stop that one dog. It was a humbling experience. As you know, the fight ultimately ended when you choked your own dog until he blacked out. Seeing your akita in action would literally give Michael Vick an erection.

Odds Behind State of Alabama’s Football Streak

On January 6, 2014 Auburn will play Florida State in the last title game of the BCS era. Auburn will carry their conference’s flag, competing for the SEC’s 8th national title in a row. They will also carry the State of Alabama’s flag, competing for Alabama’s 5th title in a row.  What are the odds […]

Plus-One Playoff Format

This morning I impulsively fired off an email to a couple of my favorite sports writers whose opinions I respect. I thought I would repost the email here in case anyone wanted to share their thoughts. Assume an unexpected moment of sanity overtook the BCS commissioners so that they finally yield to reason and support […]