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COC Podcast: Clan War Organization

I had the privilege of guest hosting an episode of the SOAZ Clashers Podcast. A panel of experts discussed how to organize clan wars to maximize stars. The participants are: Yours truly (BoTox) of clan Soaz Clashers. Red of Clan Hot Sauce. Creater of clashcaller.com. fourLoko from clan Bad Rabbits War. Adam from clan The […]

COC Star Maximization

When clan House of EL began no obligation “practice wars”, they were hoping to learn new strategies. Improved results came sooner than expected–immediately, in fact. Their practice war record is better than their regular war record. What could explain this? Let’s take a closer look at the math of clan wars. MINI-WAR Assume we could […]

COC Healer Tweak is Huge

The February 2015 Clash of Clans update will soon arrive, and the least talked about tweak will have the biggest impact. Namely: “Healers no longer trigger air traps – just keep clear of Air Defense!”  [Source] I shall now predict ramifications of this change on Clan Wars. You will scoff now, and fail to credit […]

Crazy Valkyries Math

Today I shall briefly explain the math behind a contrarian Clash of Clans war tactic dubbed, “Crazy Valkyries“. The strategy is akin to a football team risking to go for it on fourth down in lieu of punting.

Balance of Trade in Clash of Clans

Additionally, when you take into account the time and energy bad clans spend squabbling back and forth about misunderstood metrics instead of actually playing the game, the stupidity factor of limiting free trade is multiplied. Unfortunately, real life trade agreements are frequently equally as stupid.