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Are the Ghosts of Ross Bridge Real?

“How much of The Ghosts of Ross Bridge is real?” is the most troublesome question I am asked. The problem is that folks rarely accept my answers without proof, but providing proof is a more difficult undertaking than one would think.

Update: Jake and the Akitas

Duck season approaches, which is also making his new limitations hit home hard. This summer we discovered that Jake can’t be pulled back into the boat like he used to–like the way you are supposed to do with Labrador Retrievers–because it hurts his back to grab him now.

Grassholes Update

I promised to keep you informed of further developments with my neighbor and the whole dog/grass situation. This post is my attempt to make good on that promise. Be forewarned that this post is lacking in snark. If you are looking for entertainment, I’d cut your losses and stop reading now. Also, please note that […]